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Have you had problems with heat?

Silicone functions from 316°C (600°F) to -117°C (-178°F). For example, silicone can have a life expectancy of up to five years of continuous service at 204°C (400°F).

Have you had a problem with compression set?

Silicone has superior resistance to compression set compared with other elastomers. At temperatures between -84°C (-120°F) and 260°C (500°F), silicone rubber is superior in its resistance to compression set or deformation.

Have you had a problem with the strength or mechanics of an elastomer?

Reiss silicone maintains strength at elevated temperatures. It is very strong, resilient and has elasticity at temperatures where organic rubber fails. Hardnesses range from 5 to 90 Shore A. We can help select the physical properties you need to give you the best performance.

Is fire resistance or smoke/gas evolution a problem?

Reiss silicone, when exposed to direct flame, will burn to a non-conducting ash. Reiss silicone will not give off any toxic fumes or smoke as many organic rubber materials do. Reiss has special formulations that are self-extinguishing.

Is weathering a problem?

Reiss silicone resists the deteriorating effects of sunlight, ozone and gases. Reiss silicone can operate under moist conditions and repel water. Dry or warm conditions will not leach or dry rot silicone. Our silicone formulations can resist many acids, corrosives, salts, fuels, and chemicals, unlike most rubber materials.

Have you had a problem with staining or the stability of elastomer?

Reiss silicone can be made so that it will not stain and can be made to be extremely stable.

Have you had a problem with consistent cell structure?

Reiss can vary the cell structure to meet your needs, and provide a consistent cell structure throughout the material.

Have you had a problem conducting electricity or insulating electrical applications?

Reiss silicone can be specially designed to conduct or insulate from electrical current. We can formulate for shielding in EMI/RFI applications.

Having a problem with chemical breakdown or finding a product that will work in the food or medical industry?

Reiss silicone can be specially formulated to work in all these environments. Silicone/fluorosilicone specialty formulations or ingredients meeting FDA and NSF can be recommended and designed by Reiss.

Looking for an elastomer that will release from other materials?

Then Reiss silicone may solve your problem with its high release properties.

Is flexibility at low and/or high temperature extremes a problem?

Reiss silicone remains flexible at extremely low and high temperatures. The durometer and modulus of many silicone compounds show little increase at extreme low temperatures or high temperatures. These stocks can be used at prolonged periods of time at -59°C (-75°F) and 260°C (500°F).

Are you worried about the out-gassing that occurs with many silicone materials and organic rubbers?

Reiss silicone can be formulated to have very low out-gassing that will not affect electrical circuitry, etc. We can also provide formulations that will not cause fogging. These properties make Reiss silicone ideal for use in sealing from outdoor weather environments.

Trying to find an elastomer that will work as insulation in a microwave and not absorb radiation?

Contact us. Reiss has the answer to your specialized formulation needs.

Do you have a unique problem?

Contact Reiss Manufacturing, Inc. We can help you solve your problem! You are also invited to use our online RFQ form to submit a Request for Quotation for your next project.

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