Silicone-Loaded EMI/RFI Shielding

Silicones / Elastomers
Reiss Manufacturing offers silicone-loaded EMI/RFI shielding, suppression, and absorption reduction products. We formulate silicone rubber loaded with various types of metals and determine the loading percentage based on the shielding or suppression requirements. Some suppression materials that are available are carbon black, silver coated sub-straights, graphite, and more. We offer custom:

  • Electrically conductive elastomers
  • Shielding elastomers
  • Suppression elastomers
  • Absorption elastomers

Two main applications for microwave absorbing materials are EMI (electromagnetic interference) and RCS (radar cross sections) reduction in military and commercial electronics, such as high-frequency consumer electronics, notebook computers, wireless LAN devices, network servers and switches, wireless antenna systems, and more.


Military: Surface Ships

Military vessels utilize high-tech electronic systems and problems occur where a signal or harmonics from one piece of equipment interferes with neighboring electronic equipment. This problem has become increasingly challenging with the introduction of powerful broadband jamming equipment. Constructing silicone absorber barriers can alleviate such interference.


Back-up Units

Microwave-absorbing elastomer can be used inside microwave housings such as back-up or crash avoidance devices.



High-frequency wireless devices often have powerful transmitters and sensitive receivers in close proximity. Silicone elastomer absorbers may be custom formulated and manufactured into a sheet and laminated with PSA (pressure sensitive adhesives). The material can be die cut and then placed in the housing of electronics to absorb unwanted reflections. Material can be molded to a custom shape.

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